I Want you to want me – New video

ScreenShot003Shanes new video I want you to want me has passed 50,000 hits on youtube in only a few weeks .
Shane was recording another video when his brother asked him to do this one instead, as his recording of it was pretty cool and to be honest his brother Maurice wanted to record something different and newer. Shane agreed and in one afternoon this video was shot.

The song proved so popular that Shane has added it to his new album coming out this year, in the mean time you can check out the video here.  Well done to all involved , its great to see local singers recording high quality video which has aired on Sky TV several times over the last few weeks and has proven to be another milestone for Blueshed Productions and for Singer Songwriter Shane Supple.

ScreenShot001The song is an old song written by cheap Trick and has featured in many films over the years  but Shane just wanted to make it more Country then the usual and it fitted quite well. He has been preforming it onstage and has gotten a great response to it. Going by the video hits a lot of other people like it as well.

Shane was talking to Declan Murphy from the 4 of Us recently and Declan told him that it was one of his favorite videos on Youtube at that time, it was different and it looked great in black and white and using different instruments with different shots of Shane all made it blend nicely together.

Check it out here and if you like it share it with your firends