Shane’s “You Set me Free” new Song

shane-supple-photo-killeagh-woods-11th-October-2014Well its finally here the long awaited new video “You Set me Free” from local singer songwriter, Shane Supple. Shane from Youghal in County Cork, Ireland, has always been writing songs and recently he was asked to write five songs for a film project that was underway in Ireland. He got the script from the producers and set to work writing over ten songs for the film. When the producers heard them they picked the five songs they wanted for the film and “You Set Me Free” was one of them. The new video is online and so far has received great attention from Shane’s fans online.


Speaking with Shane about how this video was made and why he said “I was at home one day about 2 years ago and the phone rang and it was one of the producers from this film company whom I cannot name, they outlined the movie, who was going to be in it and where it was being filmed etc and they wanted me to write some songs for the film. It was agreed that we would meet up when one of the main producers was going to be in Ireland the next month and we would discuss it then. About five weeks later I got a call and a meeting was arranged with the Film production team the writer, director and producer. They outlined the project going forward and gave me a script to work with. I was over the moon so I started working on the songs and finally got them together, recording them at home before I got approval to go into the studio to finish them off. I waited for a few weeks and then I got an email listing the songs they wanted to use, however I was asked to hold off on recording them until the film got the final approval etc from the Studio and the various film boards around the world that were involved in the making of the movie.


Just my luck the recession hit around that time and the movie was put on the back burner for a while, meanwhile I had these songs that I couldnt release or do anything with so I held tough and moved on with different projects. After about 18 months I was told that the movie was not going to be made right now as the time frame had changed the lead actors were tied up in other projects and funding was not coming from one or two countries that were involved etc. I was feeling a little let down but like everything you live and learn so I was telling my friend Kieran McCarthy about this and he suggested we make our own video for one of the songs. I got in touch with the film company and they said it would be allright to use one of the songs so we picked the demo from the song “You Set Me Free” Kieran had a listen and away we went”.

Shane You Set Me free1The video was shot in the local area in Glenbower Woods and close to Tallow as well as using some shots from around Youghal. Kieran McCarthy got Michael Hussey in to consult and he helped out no end. So here we have it

Shane who has really done himself and Youghal proud over the last few years winning awards in Germany, Italy, Romania for his country songs and getting lots of TV plays for his videos in these countries as well as other artists recording his work. Recently he shared the stage with Nashville legend Max T Barnes at the Cork Opera House and went down very well with everyone. Shane continues to write songs and if the reception from this video is anything to go by will be writing for a few years to come.

The video is available for all to see on youtube

Thanks to the following people for their help in making this video
Camera: Kieran McCarthy
Camera: Michael Hussey
Produced & Edited: Kieran McCarthy
Location & Logistics Consultant: Mick Hussey
Make Up & Costume : By “Sofia”
On site catering: Dee & Alanna
Transport: Ford & Renault

Filmed on location in Glenbower Woods Killeagh & Youghal, Co Cork, Ireland.
No animals or fish where harmed in the making of this video.
Thanks to, Claycastle Studios, Irish Radio,
Song title: You Set me Free – written & preformed by Shane Supple
Song publishing: Blueshed Music Productions & IMRO Copyright 2014
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