• Supple Family History

    Supple Family History

    MOTTO: Mens conscia RectiA mind conscious of rectitude
    Blazon of Arms: Or; an anchor between two crescents in fess sable on a chief azure; three buckles on the first. Crest: A cubit arm erect proper charged with two crescents in pale sable in the hand of the anchor of the last.

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    The Supple Family History

    There is no dispute but that the first Supple arrived in Ireland as one of the knights accompanying Strongbow. Philip de Capel one of Robert FitzStephens companions in the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1168, obtained a grant of Killeagh in 1172 and Capel Island was named after him. The de Capels came from Normandy to Kent and thence to Ireland.

    In Canon Hayman